Monday, April 18, 2011

Last lesson of the Year

Soo today was the last learning lesson before practicals and final exams in my Bakeshop lab. We covered out Chocolate cakes with butter cream (not the French kind!!!!!!) and then rolled colored fondant. Mine came out pretty awesome.
I also learned how to make roses =D I'm excited

The one with the orange stripe went to Devon =D because she didn't come to class today lol

Well anyways, i had my nutrition practical exam, on Wednesday of last week, i made garlic parsley roasted pork loin with roasted sweet potatoes, carrots, leeks, and chef potatoes. with a side of pasta tossed with a sherry cream sauce. then for my appetizer i made spicy panko crusted zucchini coins with a lime brown sugar dipping sauce. the coins were oven fried. I got a 8.9 on my entrée and an 8.8 on my appetizer. Sadly i dont have pictures but i'll take pictures tomorrow for you guys!

I think im going to make a post with just photos of all the things ive done this year.. sound good you guys?.

Soo last weekend was hectitc... Rich's dog Amber got sick.. still is and were not sure she'll make it last i know.. so we went to see her, shes a good ol girl.  Shes a sweetheart.

But other than that its pretty fun =D i love seeing him happy and excited to be on his own, soon hopefully he'll be in his own place

Love and cupcakes <3

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